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Sexual Recovery


Today's teens are exposed to more sexual information and imagery than ever before. The adults in their lives may be unaware of how much, what type or even where they are finding it.

Some of the information is conflicting. Even when parents want to take the lead to instill healthy values, other influences such as friends, peers, magazines, movies, TV, and the internet can provide a mind-numbing array of explicit sexual images and ideas. Teens learning about appropriate sexual behaviors can reduce the chances of obsession and addiction.

No one can tell parents what to tell their children about sex. But whatever a family’s sexual values and attitude, the important thing is that they be shared. Experts advise that when parents do the teaching, children are much better prepared to make responsible, informed choices about sex when the time comes.

We look for teachable moments in our children’s lives; a crisis like this may very well be an opportunity to really help.

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